Introducing the new FLOTEC 400 range of Ultrasonic Flowmeters 2017-07-10T16:59:36+00:00
Flotec flow meters

FLOTEC offer a high performance established range of Ultrasonic Flow & Energy Meters.

We offer both hand held and wall mounted flow meters which provide useable hard data, and all meters are available as part of a modern & cost effective package.

Reliable, hand-held and easy to use

Whatever industry you work in, our robust, highly accurate, comprehensive flow meters are easy to use in a wide variety of applications. The FLOTEC 400-PF will measure the flow of almost any liquid, with great accuracy.

The FLOTEC 400-PF uses non-invasive clamp on rails and easy fit sensors to measure the flow of liquid in most pipes from 13mm and larger. If your liquid conducts sound, then the 400PF is the perfect solution. Examples of liquids include: water, waste water, solvents, acids, hydraulic fluids, fuel oils, food, drink, chemicals and hydrocarbons.

The FLOTEC 400 Series is the right tool for the job.

It has a high contrast 128 x 64 pixel LED back-lit display, a USB rechargeable lithium polymer battery which also allows low power logging mode for extended periodic data logging. Performance can be augmented using optional temperature sensors to differentially measure the heat flow in pipes. This powerful additional feature allows you to generate energy flow calculations. Additional options included: calibrated sensors, rail mounts, extended life batteries and case variations. You can tailor your 400 Series so it works perfectly for your specific application.

The 400 Series is currently used in these industries:

  • Chemical, oil, gas and pharmaceuticals
  • Water supply and treatment
  • Facilities management/building services
  • Energy management/audits
  • Marine and shipping
  • Semiconductor manufacturing
  • Food, drink and leisure industries

Flotec flow meters are used for many applications:

  • Liquid metering
  • Hydraulic systems testing
  • Hydraulic systems maintenance
  • Energy audits/heat loss
  • HVAC system installations and audits
  • Leak detection
  • Testing and calibration of equipment and installs

For more information on the FLOTEC 400 Series of innovative ultrasonic flow meters, including the new Wall Mounted, FLOTEC 400WM and Ruggedised FLOTEC 400 RPF, or if you wish to book a demonstration, then please..

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