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Energy Flow Accessories

Optional Sensor & Input/output boards.

The FLOTEC 400 Series ultrasonic flowmeters have a special ‘OPTIONS’ connection. This allows you to augment functionality and customise input and output. This options connection continues to grow, but at this stage you have two additional options:
– Dual temperature input board (for energy flow measurement)
– Relay input output board for additional input/output (this board is currently undergoing final test. It has 2 inputs and 2 outputs that can be configured as pulse or frequency outputs).

Technical information: Dual temperature board datasheet

Accessories – Common Spare parts available

Ultrasonic Couplant (Water Based) COUPLANT-H2O-100mL
Ultrasonic Couplant (Water Based)
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Bubble level (to aid setting up in direct Z mode)
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OPTIONS BOARD – Two channel temperature board. OPB2RTD
Options Board
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